Justin Hileman

Entrepreneur, maker & coder



Interested in web accessibility, semantic web principles, standards compliance, progressive enhancement and natural (organic) search engine optimization.

Interested in interaction design, user experience, effective visual metaphors, and other human usability concerns.


Specializes in standards-compliant, search engine friendly, cross-browser compatible HTML5, CSS3 and modern JavaScript websites and web applications.

Proficient in C/C++, Java, JavaScript, MySQL, MongoDB, Ruby, PHP, PostgreSQL and Python.


  1. Co-founderPresentate, San Francisco CA. March 2012present.

    • We're building great HTML5 presentations.
  2. Senior Software EngineerThe OpenSky Project, New York NY. March 2010June 2012.

    • Helped architect and build the web's first MongoDB-based e-commerce platform.
    • Architected, developed and maintained the OpenSky checkout and order management system.
    • Architected and implemented a rules-based reward engine.
  3. Lead DeveloperPortero Luxury, New York NY. Spring 2008March 2010.

    • Led a team which architected and developed an e-commerce meta-platform, tying a built-to-spec in-house back end into third-party and Open Source e-commerce platforms.
    • Worked extensively with the Magento eCommerce platform.
    • Implemented scaling tactics for Magento, drastically reducing server strain and resulting in several orders of magnitude concurrency improvement.
    • Worked extensively in PHP, MySQL, JavaScript (and jQuery), AJAX, HTML and CSS.
  4. ContributorZoop Framework for PHP. Summer 2008present.

    • Primary contributor to the Lunar (development) branch of the Zoop Framework, an Open Source PHP MVC framework.
    • Directed and implemented modernization efforts and code refactoring for upcoming Zoop 2.0 release.
  5. Freelance Web Developer and DesignerProvo UT. 20052008.

    • Developed several custom content engines for websites, podcasts, and web applications.
    • Worked extensively in PHP, MySQL, Flash, JavaScript, AJAX, HTML and CSS.
    • Worked extensively with the jQuery, Script.aculo.us and Prototype JavaScript libraries.
    • Worked extensively with Drupal, an open source CMS toolkit.
  6. Web Developer / ProgrammerSupernerd LLC, Provo UT. 20052007.

    • Projects included several web sites and custom web applications for small businesses.
    • Worked with and contributed to the Zoop Framework.
  7. Lead Developer / Flash ProgrammerSupernerd LLC / Real Salt Lake, Provo UT. 2005.

    • Lead developer of a Flash based media guide for a Real Salt Lake, a Major League Soccer team.
    • Implemented XML based real-time data update system.
    • Developed layouts, templates and original graphics.


  1. Undergraduate, Computer Science — Brigham Young University, Provo UT.

  2. High School — Prosser Sr. High School, Prosser WA.

    • Graduated in top 10% of high school class.
    • Named as a National Merit Scholar by the College Board.


  1. Eagle ScoutBoy Scouts of America, 2000.

  2. National Merit Scholar, 2000.


  1. PresidentBYU Swing Kids Club, 20072008.

  2. Volunteer Representative / MissionaryThe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, 20012003.